OT: Language for the ages

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Oct 17 17:25:01 CDT 2005

John Foust wrote:
> Given the number of people who are maintaining software and
> hardware from 30 years ago (at least as a hobby) don't you think
> that someone will be maintaining something that can run
> an old version of 'gcc' and/or a version of 'gcc' that
> can compile code and emit target code on various platforms
> at least for another 30 years?

Almost certainly. Whether the company needing such services would make 
contact with hobbyists at the time who could solve their problem is 
another matter (most companies don't seem to with similar situations at 
present; they assume the technology / software / knowledge has gone and 
reinvent the wheel)

In light of that, going for a language that stands more chance of being 
around seems like a better bet to me.



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