RL01 drive select plug and power supply questions

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>Subject: Re: RL01 drive select plug and power supply questions
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>> >Thanks for your reply. I guess I'm okay with power even if I leave in
>> >the DHV11 as it seems my BA11-N has been upgraded to a H7861 power
>> Unless you need the IO I'd pull it anyway. The system will run cooler
>> and I doubt you have need for the lines.  DHV11 is a MUX and you need
>> the chassis kit to break out all the serial lines.  Most OSs for PDP11
>> don't use it (system build time option) and the DLV11J is easier to use
>> and program.  The DHV11 cannot be used for a console either.
>I think I'll slightly disagree with you here.
>While all you say is essentially true, the DLV11 is a tremendour burden on
>the system compared to the DHV11. So if you actually want to run serial
>connections to a machine, keep the DHV11, and don't use the console more
>than absolutely neccesary.
>Big difference between DMA and interrupts you know...

Yes I do.  However for a single user system the load is not an issue.
If your running a timeshare system such as RSTS or RSX with more than one
user then DHV11 sense as well.

For most of my 11s four lines is the limit for what I can seem to keep busy.
Figure a user terminal, LA100 Printer and serial line for modem or data 
line to another system. At the extreme I've run two terminals for OSs 
that support that but, I can only type on on at any instant. ;)


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