Character Generator ROM data

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Fri Oct 21 21:51:50 CDT 2005

>Subject: Re: Character Generator ROM data
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>   Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 22:40:35 -0400 (EDT)
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>On Fri, 21 Oct 2005, Allison wrote:
>> >
>> >   From: Chuck Swiger <cswiger at>
>> >I'm looking for a downloadable rom image for something like in old video
>> Is simple.  Find a pattern you like in row or colum scan and convert the
>> bit pattern to a string of hex values and cook an Eprom/EEPROM.
>Ok - Just probing for any existing rom dump files that might be out
>there w/o having to type a bunch of stuff in ;))  I've an opportunity
>to put a message in an unusual place.

Dont have any on line myself.  However I've done it by hand and it's 
not bad.  Actually you can do a cleaner set without all the fluff
or with needed chars.  One thing, the Eprom or EEprom needs to be 
adaquately fast.  Not a big problen with moderm parts but the old 
2716 and 2732 were a tad slow.

The search string was a first try thing.  So you may start with that 
and tweek if for what you want.  I'd be surprized if there isn't something 
out there.


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