US Sources for old ICs

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Wed Oct 26 12:50:10 CDT 2005

Sigh.  I'd forgotten about RoHS; I guess this means that in the future,
it's NOS or pulls if I want DIPs.  I'm getting too old for this--even with
DIP packages, I'm using a binocular loupe just to make out the part numbers
and make sure that I get the right pin with a probe.  20 MHz is fast for
me, so I don't even need the speed advantage.  5V parts will probably be
impossible to get before long.

I'll probably use the PLCC parts and have to redo the board artwork for the
FIFO.  I was familiar with the sources everyone mentioned, but had
forgotten about BG Micro--some very reasonably-priced vintage stuff there,


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