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Tue Oct 25 10:29:59 CDT 2005

Bill Pechter wrote:
> a.carlini at ntlworld.com wrote:
>> All the stuff I see on the net is just "not many people know..."
>> type of stuff with no credible sources (actually, mostly no
>> sources whatsoever). I know that there were "VAXen that never
>> shipped" and I might be able to remember the names of some of
>> them if pushed (Raven, for one). But I never heard even a
>> whispering of such a VAX while inside DEC and there is nothing
>> that says "784" in the Options & Modules List (except for
>> a raft of power supplies, some Mxxx[x] boards and some
>> DECmate bits). Admittedly the only non-scanned searchable-text
>> one I have is from 1994, but it still has the VAX-11/780 and
>> a boatload of PDP-11s in there, so it would be odd if the
>> mythical VAX-11/784 dropped off by accident.
>> So unless someone digs out some evidence, I'll just choose
>> not to believe that DEC ever built a 784 (and after building
>> the 782, I cannot believe that they would have even tried :-)).
>> Antonio
> What was the name of the dual 11/785 (made by upgrading two halves of 
> the 11/782 to the 11/785...
> I seem to remember seeing 11/785-2 stickers in some upgrades to Field 
> Service. (These were for non-fcc upgrades of 11/780's to 11/785's... IIRC)
> Was the dual 11/785 given the 11/784 name -- or was it an 11/787 or 
> something like that.
> Too damned long since I left 78A/79J Field Service at DEC.

Everything I've ever seen has referred to it as the 11/787.

Peace...  Sridhar

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