Innovion PC info needed? Converting simms to dipps or Where do I find 1mx4 dipps?

rmay635703 at rmay635703 at
Mon Oct 24 15:43:28 CDT 2005

I have several old Innovion CASI Branded PCs computer photography PCs from the 80s 
(pictures here I would like to expand the memory on several 
units to the full 4mb on the board, but I am finding it impossible to get 1mx4 20pin Dipp 
RAM chips.  It would be nice if there were such a thing as a simm to dipp converter :)  or 
sources of said chips.
My other problem is with an old tektronix colorquick 4696 that works with my old photo systems.  I need the dipp switch settings for it so I can get it to do a head clean (yes it has one)  The printer is one of the old INK WELL type of printers and the heads clog easily, I ended up spraying the heads with distilled water and it worked for all of one copy.
If you have a manual or dipp settings for this oldie it would be appreciated.
Any ideas?
Also on a side note I am looking for information, photos, really anything relating to the very old 1976 CASI / Innovion Apollo VPX Computer photo system.  I have been trying to get one for years but everyone either tossed or sold their systems decades ago, the unit could take pictures and print them in B/W all with a whopping intel 8 bit processor.  They were printed in 8pt text 14"x16".  So your picture was ASCII ART!!!

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