Releasing OS/2

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Err, nevermind.  Got it.

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Whoa, OS/2 was * just * on my mind tonight.  I need to know (as precisely as
possible) when Warp Beta II debuted.  Also, I need to know it right away, is



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On Fri, 2005-10-14 at 17:43 -0400, Allison wrote:
> >Circuit Cellar had a Z8000 and on card for the PC once. Does anybody 
> >remember just what it ran?  Other than 386's was there any other add 
> >on cards for the PC?
> Cards to add other CPUs to PC are many.  At any time there were:
>  8751 (multiples for Mandelbrot calulations)  Z80  Other X86  Z8000  
> 68000
>  16032
>  T-11 (PDP-11)
Norsk Data made a NORD-100 on a 3/4 or full-length ISA board. It cost
millions and millions of kroner (7 kr ~= 1 $) in RnD in the 1980s. I think
it was one of their biggest flops. I think the amount of units sold barely
made three digits. It might have been the first ND-100 in VLSI. It would
trap in and out of ND-100 mode using a special keycode on the keyboard in
the PC's they sold them with. When in ND mode it would use the x86 as an I/O
processor, and communicate with it using a memory window. 

IBM also had S/370 MCA boards implementing a microcoded S/370 on a MC68000.
> All come to mind.  Many had no OS as they relied on the host processor 
> for

> support.
The '100 had a to me unknown amount of RAM, but probably no more than 1MB
and no less than 128KB. It ran SINTRAN on the onboard RAM. I know of the
existance of one and will snap a shot or two of it next time I'm there.


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