VI-90 and VG920 terminals?

Wulf daMan wulfcub at
Tue Oct 25 21:37:07 CDT 2005

I recently stumbled across an odd set of emulations available in the
controller for a printer I have. This system was introduced in the early
80's, and was only recently EOL'd by xerox (the 4090LPS).
The default terminal emulation is ADM3, which works well with the Link MC5
terminals. ADM11 is also available, along with VI-90 and VG920, which I've
never heard of. To make life a little bit easier while playing with this
beast, I would like to tie it to a pc (linux or windows). Changing the
system directly is not really an option, as the whole thing is a very
bizarre setup, based loosely on DEC architecture.
The question is, does anyone know anything about the VI-90 or VG920 terminal
emulations? And, does anyone know of a way to directly emulate an ADM3 or
ADM11 terminal under linux or windows? (via serial, of course)

The system has many options available, including: a scsi tape drive option
(I have the equipment, but it's another xerox oddity to run), a shared-disk
interface option, ethernet (early implementation for thicknet), a 9-track
tape drive (I have, and use, this one), an "online" (bus & tag
channel-attach) interface, which I also have. It's an odd, and interesting,
>From what I've been told, the entire thing was written in RAD50. It can
carry, total, about 512M of mem, spread across the various subsystems (Main,
Font, Graphics), all on individual chips, nothing socketed, lots of
Anyone wanting more info (or even an entire controller!) just ask!


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