US Sources for old ICs

Joe R. rigdonj at
Wed Oct 26 16:50:01 CDT 2005

At 11:43 AM 10/26/05 -0400, Paul wrote:
>>>>>> "Joe" == Joe R <rigdonj at> writes:
> Joe> The small surface mount only packages are a BIG problem for
> Joe> individuals that want to build a single circuit. A friend of
> Joe> mine designs and builds a lot of circuits commercailly and he's
> Joe> always raising hell with the IC manufacturers and trying to get
> Joe> them to produce chips in DIP packages. I keep telling him that
> Joe> it's hopeless.
>There's at least one company that builds SMT to DIP adapters, so you
>can plug SMT packaged chips into DIP prototyping systems and the like.

   I keep telling him that but he's stubborn!

>Of course manufacturers don't want to use DIPs. 

   Actually that's BS!  The military and NASA both REQUIRE them. They're a
lot more resistant to vibration for one thing.  Besides I didn't say
MANUFACTURERS, I said "individuals". MOST manufacturers are only concerned
with how cheap they can make the stuff, they don't give a hoot about
durability, reliability, repairability or anything else.

 They are electrically
>inferior.  For that matter, they are also obsolete -- if they made DIP
>packaged chips they would certainly be very low volume products.

   I seriously doubt that.


>I understand the preference for DIPs in amateur work, though SMT isn't
>really all that hard.  But I can't imagine any reason for wanting DIPs
>in new commercial designs.  They are bigger, slower, not RoHS
>compliant, ...
>	   paul

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