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Michael Holley swtpc6800 at comcast.net
Wed Oct 26 20:10:56 CDT 2005

Adrian Graham wrote
>> I'd have thought this was worth saving if it's related to the 5150 XT, or 
>> at
>> least it is to me. I'm trying and failing miserably to find an XT with a 
>> 64K
>> motherboard, purely because I guess people upgraded them as soon as they
>> could afford to.

I had a original IBM PC with the 64k motherboard and small power supply. A 
friend bought an XT as soon as they came out and it had the 256k 
motherboard. I don't think they ever made a 64k XT.

Later I had my BIOS upgraded to install a 20 MB hard drive. (And a power 
supply upgrade.) I had to take my computer to an authorized IBM dealer to 
get the BIOS swapped. They would not just send you a ROM. Even with an AST 6 
Pack I did not have 640kB or RAM because of the 64k motherboard. (But I did 
have a cassette interface.)

Michael Holley

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