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On Oct 29 2005, 12:53, Bob Bradlee wrote:
> On Sat, 29 Oct 2005 06:53:31 -0700, vrs wrote:
> >From: "Bob Bradlee" <Bob at BRADLEE.ORG>
> >> In the referb center we pushed them off moving vans and
> >No wonder there are so few of these machines left ;-)!
> >(I have always heard that the van should be stopped, and
> >the machine lowered slowly :-).)
> Takes the fun out of it :)
> We had a 158 come in one day, we had one of those back into
> the building and down a hill kind of loading docks.
> While waiting for his turn, one driver began "preping to unload"
> in the lot. When it came his turn he came in a bit fast and a MG
> came off the back of the truck when he hit the stops hard.
> This was before the dock hand could put the flat ramp in place
> to cover over the "gap" between truck and dock.
> I answered a cattle call to help getting it back on a smooth surface
> where the casters acted as wheels and not as keyways.

I helped a friend move a large machine -- a MegaNode -- which is
effectively three or four cabinets bolted together.  It has four
casters on each section, but they're apparently furniture-grade and
only meant for rolling along corridors and around a machine room.
 About 70% of them didn't suvive the trip across the flagstones to the
truck.  Fortunately we had enough people to keep it upright and rolling
on the remaining casters!

> There was a story where one of the other FE's dropped an MG
> over the edge into an open floor section during installation.
> I was assured that it was not fun to lift it back up to floor level.

A friend extended his raised floor but the builder who supplied the
extra panels got the wrong grade.  When Jim (and friends!) rolled his
IBM mainfraime in, it moved smoothly enough, but shortly after it
stopped, there was a crunching noise and the machine settled about 2"
down.  Several of the casters had punched through the new floor panels.

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