Need help configuring DZQ11s on 2.11BSD for VCF!

Robert Armstrong bob at
Mon Oct 31 11:25:38 CST 2005

> I don't know BSD at all and can't verify the CSR/vector above without 
> looking some things up, but...  on many Unix systems you need to make 
> the device files (/dev/tty???) that correspond to the terminal lines. 
> Has this been done?  Although perhaps this needs to wait until init 
> sees the device?

  Thanks, John - good point.  I didn't mention it in my original posting,
but I already did this too.  The script is called MAKEDEV and it creates the
/dev/ttynn nodes - in this case tty08..tty15.  All the /dev/ttyxx entries
are there but none of them on the second dz work  - they give "device not
configured" errors when you access them.

  BTW, as far as I know it's tty08..tty15 because 2.11BSD thinks it's
talking to a DZ11 (i.e. UNIBUS, not QBUS) and DZ11 cards have eight lines
each.  AFAIK it doesn't matter because the software interface for the DZ and
DZQ is the same except for the missing lines.  Certainly there's nothing I
can find in 2.11BSD or 4.3BSD about a special driver or setting for DZQs

  So I would expect the first DZQ to be tty0..tty03 and the second one to be
tty08..tty11.  In any case (as you said) I don't think it would prevent init
from configuring the device, but I might be wrong :-)

Thanks again,

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