HP82915 Modem

Joe R. rigdonj at cfl.rr.com
Tue Sep 6 18:27:04 CDT 2005

At 10:13 PM 9/6/05 +0100, you wrote:
>>   I'll get the SM out again and tell what errors it reports. That should
>> give you an idea of what signals you have to provide.
>The modem itself is relatively unintellegent. There is no microprocessor, 
>for example, on the modem PCB. It appears the Integral's processor can 
>directly program the registers of the transmitter and receiver chips 
>(along, of course, with the 8250 serial chip's registers). 
>The point of that is that the _hardware_ is not going to require a 
>dialtone or anything like that. Of course what the Integral's software 
>requires is another matter.
>I have no information at all on the modem device driver. I have no idea 
>what you can get it to do using the standard software.

   I'm not sure and I don't remember seeing anything about it in any of the
system manuals.

>>    PS After I replied last time I also got out the manual for the DataComm
>> program. It's NO help either. The only thing interesting that I found in it
>Well, I'll need to find some program that supports it... Is there a 
>version of Kermit that would do that, I wonder...

  I don't think HP released one but I'll bet someone somewhere did! 

>> is that DataComm uses the "CPM style" block data transfer. Other names that
>> they give for it include XModem. Of course that's no use to you unless
>IIRC, XMdoem was developed from Modem7,

  Yeap, that's one of the other names that they give.

 which was one of the CP/M file 
>transfer programs. Personally, I'd be happier with kermit, I have many 
>more machines that support it, I have the book for it, etc. But I'd 
>settle for XModem if nothing else is available.
>> you're going to run DataComm.
>First problem is finding if I _have_ DataComm.

  I have it and I have the manual. It's in the pile of the next stuff to go
to Al K to be scanned.  There used to be a website of IPC software on the
net. I don't if it's still around but I think it is.  BINGO!
<http://www.coho.org/~pete/IPC/bundled_dl.html>  That took about 3 seconds
with Google. It has the Diagnostics and Utilities along with the System
files but I don't see DataComm. You might E-mail Peter and ask him if he
has it and can post it.  You should also ask him about Kermit.



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