leads for DEC logic lab

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 11:16:54 CDT 2005

On 9/8/05, Jack Rubin <jack.rubin at ameritech.net> wrote:
> Here's a look at the leads for the logic lab:
> http://www.sideslip.net/dec_lab_leads/

I got an interesting ASCII view of what might be a graphic file (I saw
the string 'Photoshop' in my browser).  Perhaps you could rename the
file to be a JPG?
> If anyone has a spare manual, I'll trade a handful of leads for it!
> Otherwise, I'm in line with everyone else hoping for a good scan.

I've been following the discussion because I've wanted one of these
since I saw the Teacher's Guide at age 13.  What I'd love to see are
some internal construction details of the Logic Lab.  Can anyone snap
a few shots?


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