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On Wed, 7 Sep 2005, Patrick Finnegan wrote:

> On Wednesday 07 September 2005 09:18, Jules Richardson wrote:
> > Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
> > >  \__/|     * VINTAGE COMPUTER FESTIVAL 8.0 *     |
> > >
> > >      |            NOVEMBER 5-6, 2005             |
> > >      |          COMPUTER HISTORY MUSEUM          |
> > >      |         MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA         |
> >
> > Hmm, how far is California from deepest Minnesota? I'll still be in
> > the right country then at least ;-) Could well be road trip time...
> Google says 2300mi from Hibbing, MN to Mountain View.  Plane tickets
> would be a 'better idea'.  At 30mpg and $3/gal, that's $230 each way
> for gas alone.

I don't want to discourage Jules from trying, but any plane trip out of
MN is going to cost at least as much as driving (jet fuel prices are going
through the roof).  The trade-off is (if by plane) you get there faster
or, (if by car) you get to see a lot of America.

I wish the airline industry in the States would finally just collapse and
then rebuild itself into something more viable.  I'm trying to get a
flight to Vienna and prices are all over the place...above $2,000!
Ridiculous.  I had an opportunity to get a flight for under $750 yesterday
and got distratcted.  When I came back to do it again today it's now under
$800 but with a 14 hour stopover in Madrid.  It would be fine if it was
during the day but it would be at night, I'd have to get a hotel, the Euro
kills the dollar (Hans, I am drinking heartily from the Euro mug), and I
just don't have time (as much as I'd love to walk around Madrid for the 8
hours or so I would be afforded after sleep).

Sorry for the rant.


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