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Huw Davies huw.davies at kerberos.davies.net.au
Fri Sep 9 01:20:43 CDT 2005

On 07/09/2005, at 8:33 AM, Allison wrote:
> I even skip that.  Most of the 3100s (and uVAX in general) can be  
> booted
> and run headless.  So when I need to connect to mine I use a VT1200  
> Xterm
> over the network and I suppose a PC could be configured for that.   
> That
> reduces the working system to a pizza box somewhere in the room on the
> network.

My VAX4000VLC is set up to boot automatically and start networking so  
in general it's only
got power and ethernet connected. At all times it also serves to lift  
my 17" LCD display up to
a nice height when working with Mac OS-X. For portable VAX/VMS work,  
SIMH running on my Powerbook
is certainly lots faster than the old 11/780s I used to manage (and a  
darned sight lighter :-)

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