Looking for IBM PC/XT/AT technical references

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Mon Sep 12 18:12:13 CDT 2005

> Hello all,
> My latest "refocusing" of the collection is on IBM PC hardware
> (PC/XT/AT, original IBM cards, peripherals, etc.) and on software IBM
> sold for the PC line.  In line with this, I'm also very interested in
> any technical manuals IBM produced.
> So far my meager technical manual collection is:
> 1. Guide to operations (PC, XT, AT)
> 2. Technical Reference (XT, AT)
> 3. Hardware Maintenance and Service (XT, AT)
> All of the above are originals, and the AT Maintenance set includes
> diagnostics from 1.01 to 1.05 along with loopback testers, and what
> looks like a 10-BASE2 terminator (or maybe Arcnet??).
> I'd like to get: 
> 1. Technical Reference (PC)
> 2. Hardware Maintenance and Service (PC)
> Original, copies, or scans will do ...
> Also, I'm wondering what other technical manuals exist.  I know there
> is an "options and adapters" series, but what else is there?

Ones that I know exist (these are not the official titles, I can get 
those if you need them): 

PC TechReF
PC/XT and Portable TechRef
PC/AT TechRef

All those existed in at least 2 version : Early ones had information on 
the expansion cards, later ones only had information on the motherboard, 
PSU, keyboard. The expansion card info got moved to the Options and 
Adapters TechRefs

Early PC/AT TechRefs cover the 6MHz system only using those 128K 
'piggyback' RRAMs (2 64 K bit chips with strange pinouts soldered together), 
later ones also cover the later mainboard using 256K DRAMs, and the 8MHz 
clock version

PC/jr TechRef. I've never seen this without the peripheral information 

Options and Adapters TechRef. The 'base version' of this is 2 binders. It 
contains info on the 8-bit I/O stuff only -- the expansion unit, 
expansion cards, monitors, drives, printers, etc. 

There's a suplement for the AT expansion cards (combined serial/parallel 
card, combined floppy/hard disk controller, 16 bit memory expansion 
cards, etc)

There are many more suplements for later add-ons. One particuarly 
complete one is the EGA technical reference.

Scientific Options and Adapters TechRef. Covers the Professional Graphics 
controller, GPIB card, Data Acquisition card.

There must have been a TechRef for the XT/286, it's about the only one I 
am missing.

PS/2 Hardware Interface TechRef. This is a pale shadow of the earlier 
ones. No scehamtics, no BIOS source. But better than nothing.

There will have been HMS manuals for all the PC family machines. I can't 
see the use of them -- the information _I_ need to fix the machine is in 
the TechRef. 


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