Looking for IBM PC/XT/AT technical references

Scott Stevens chenmel at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 12 18:22:29 CDT 2005

On Mon, 12 Sep 2005 15:06:08 -0400
Richard Beaudry <richard.beaudry at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello all,
> My latest "refocusing" of the collection is on IBM PC hardware
> (PC/XT/AT, original IBM cards, peripherals, etc.) and on software IBM
> sold for the PC line.  In line with this, I'm also very interested in
> any technical manuals IBM produced.
> So far my meager technical manual collection is:
> 1. Guide to operations (PC, XT, AT)
> 2. Technical Reference (XT, AT)
> 3. Hardware Maintenance and Service (XT, AT)
> All of the above are originals, and the AT Maintenance set includes
> diagnostics from 1.01 to 1.05 along with loopback testers, and what
> looks like a 10-BASE2 terminator (or maybe Arcnet??).
> I'd like to get: 
> 1. Technical Reference (PC)
> 2. Hardware Maintenance and Service (PC)
> Original, copies, or scans will do ...
> Also, I'm wondering what other technical manuals exist.  I know there
> is an "options and adapters" series, but what else is there?

There is the 'IBM Industrial Computer' technical reference manual set. 
It's in an 8-1/2" x 11" looseleaf binder.  The Industrial Computer was
essentially a PC-XT in a rackmount industrial case.  So the techref
details include schematics of all the standard XT components.  There was
a pile of Industrial PC techref sets at a surplus store I used to visit
in the late 80's, that is where I got mine.  I guarantee they aren't
there any longer.

Also, the early Compaq manuals are worth gathering up.  I have the
Compaq Deskpro 386 manual, which is of historical significance because
the Compaq 386 came out before IBM made a 386 machine (people more
expert than me can correct me on this if I am wrong)

I have the IBM PC-1 era Technical Reference Manual, which my father
ordered when he bought 'the whole package' of the IBM PC and pretty much
everything for it at the launch of the PC-1, at the IBM Employee's

Sadly, there was an era in the past where I got involved in a strong
conflict with a landlord over all my 'junk' when I ceased to own the
whole PC-1 itself.  One of my bigger regrets with regard to collected
hardware is that I no longer have that machine.  Now I have far less
worthy machines all over this (owned, not rented) house taking up much
more space than that system.

> Oh, and if anyone is junking a PC-1 (black power supply, 16-64KB
> motherboard), I'll take it :-)


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