Using SimOS to simulate a SGI MIPS IRIX environment

Scott Quinn compoobah at
Wed Sep 14 00:18:48 CDT 2005

Looked at that a few years ago- at that time it required a customized 
IRIX environment to run, and Stanford was only allowed to distribute 
the diffs against IRIX 5.3, and not 6.2. It looks like they now have 
6.4, but again can't distribute- it depends what you want to do (I 
can't remember what your project is) but 5.3 is definitely a more 
proprietary UNIX than 6.2+ is in terms of requiring IRIX specific 
tweaks and oddities.The upside, of course, is that your program will 
run on R3k (which can only run up to IRIX 5.3, generally, some IPs max 
out at 5.2, and the earlier machines really like 4.0.5 or less, which 
is even weirder to code for, especially 3.x [NeWS-based windowing 
system] (how's that for a run-on?)). Indys are cheap and small if you 
want a nice 6.2 machine, I even have a r5k in the garage if you want it 
for free and are anywhere near Washington state.

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