Suggestions for a mini?

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Wed Sep 14 21:38:39 CDT 2005

Cooper S, Hyper blue, with the sports package.

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> I'd like to solicit suggestions for a mini...
> I have this Nova 4,, but it's taking up too
> much space, physical and psychic. I do want a mini-era machine,
> and after some thought, I worked out what I'd like to get from
> one.
> What I want is a basic stripped machine, with CRT console and
> high-speed paper tape reader, and a low-speed punch (this last is
> variable), and standlone utilities. It must have a front panel.
> I've used such on two platforms (Varian 622/i, Nova 1200) and it's
> precisely the sort of (relatively) low-maintenance, high-geek
> vintage experience I want.
> So I'd like to trade my kilopound of DG gear, documentation,
> tapes, fiche, etc for about 100 lbs of minicomputer.
> I'd prefer a DG Nova, General Automation, Varian, or other non-DEC
> brand. (No offense to DECcies, I have a strong preference for off
> the beaten path.)
> Even or especially one-off oddball or unpopular, or slow, or ugly
> machines. Off models, step-cousin machines etc. Poorly optioned
> (eg. math or fancy interfaces).
> Something like (but of course unlikely to be sucha popular model):
> Nova 1200
> 16 or 32k words
> tty port
> ptp/ptr port
> lpt port or equiv
> I have generic high-speed paper tape readers, serial interface. I
> don't care if peripheral brands match.
> It would be nice to have reel tape support.
> Any suggestions on interesting and obtainable machines?

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