CP/M archive to image 8" CP/M floppies

Barry Watzman Watzman at neo.rr.com
Sat Sep 17 12:33:54 CDT 2005

While images are nice, for CP/M there is another alternative that may be
more widely useful and easier, although it's less historically accurate.
That is just to copy the files over to MS-DOS disks, where they can then
exist in folders on a modern hard drive or be put on CDs or DVDs.  I can
really see no advantage to a strict "image", as long as one has the files.

The issue that this leaves out is the system tracks, but that is easily
dealt with:  Runs "SYSGEN", exit, and then do a "SAVE 34 SYSTEM.COM" and you
have the system tracks as a disk file in a format that is easily restored
simply using SYSGEN.

This method also has some actual advantages, in terms of being able to
actually use the software with a CP/M emulator on a PC.

Since I'm not aware of any CP/M programs that did copy protection or any
other type of manipulation that would require an exact disk image, I don't
really see the drawback of this approach.

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