Looking for info/software/anything for 9-track adapter

Tim Riker Tim at Rikers.org
Sun Sep 18 01:25:12 CDT 2005

Ethan Dicks wrote:
> On 9/18/05, Tim Riker <Tim at rikers.org> wrote:
>>IDB also makes a PCI card though I never used one of those. I could
>>stream over 600k/s from my M990 with the atc16. so this card held up
>>fine. That's as fast as the M990 would run. non-stop at 6250 bpi.
> Wow... that's a lot of bits... I never got a "modern" Cipher drive to
> stream at 6250 on our old VAX.  The TU80 was one thing, but never the
> Cipher.

heh. Yeah. I was reading in a few hundred tapes at the time onto 386 and
486 systems. The trick was getting the harddrive subsystem to handle
writes at that speed. Just getting multiple gigabytes of storage on a PC
was a major challenge at the time.

When they all finished loading (days later) we backed them up to Exebyte
8500 8mm drives in a matter of hours.

1 5G tape held the (compressed) data from over 75 9-track tapes.
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