Kaypro boot disk.

Dave Dunfield dave04a at dunfield.com
Sun Sep 18 05:34:58 CDT 2005

At 21:47 17/09/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>A colleague of mine is looking for a boot disk for a Kaypro 4 '84.  He
>says :
>"I have a Kaypro 4 (83), Kaypro 4(84), and a Kaypro 10.
>The boot disks for all three are mutually incompatible.
>What I still need is a boot disk for Kaypro 4(84)."
>(These are 5.25 inch floppies, of course.  An actual disk would be great,
>but he says that if somebody wanted to send a disk image, he could work
>with that, as long as he knew what program was used to create it.)
>Can anyone email me images of all boot disks or direct me to appropriate
>web site? I will reimburse postage/disk costs if someone wishes to send
>physical disks instead of emailing images.
>Braldey Slavik

I have the Kaypro4(*84) system disk images on my site. Look under
"disk/software images" near the end of the main page. The disks can
be created with my ImageDisk program which is available on the same

NOTE that I just fixed the link to KAYPRO4.ZIP which was apparently
broken - it should work now.


PS: If you would like to return the favor, please send me ImageDisk
images of the Kaypro 4 (83) and Kaypro 10 boot disks as I do not have
them yet.
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