VAX 4000/705a SCSI

Mark G. Thomas Mark at
Sun Sep 18 21:18:31 CDT 2005


On Sat, Sep 17, 2005 at 06:57:33PM +0200, Stefan wrote:
> I'm sure some of you guys have the exact answer to this :
> I've got a VAX 4000/705a without any disks.
> I could of course get some DSSI disks but I would rather have some 
> SCSI disks attached to it. My question : how can I make this VAX SCSI able ?
> And second question, can anyone help me get any needed hardware to for this 
> ?

If this is like my VAX 4000/500 systems:

QBUS "MSCP" (disk capable) SCSI controllers are hard to find and hundreds of 

The route I'm trying to go is I picked up some HSD30 controllers on Ebay,
for $35-$45, which I can then supposedly connect regular SCSI disks to,
though I haven't gotten things set up and working yet this way.


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