BURROUGHS reel tape

Paul Koning pkoning at equallogic.com
Mon Sep 19 08:48:53 CDT 2005

>>>>> "William" == William Donzelli <aw288 at osfn.org> writes:

 >> Up at Apex, what did I see, part 2:
 >> http://wps.com/temp/B-tape.jpg
 >> Not too spectacular, just some old reel tapes in (luckily)
 >> weather-proof containers. BURROUGHS. 3200 fci, so not too ancient.

 William> All Burroughs is worth saving, simply because no one saves
 William> it.

True, if indeed that has Burroughs stuff on it.  It could just be a
boring data tape with the Burroughs name on it.  I think all the bing
companies resold magtape with their company name attached to it.

 William> For such a big player in the computer industry during the
 William> golden age, so few people know anything about the company or
 William> their machines.

Indeed.  It would be neat to get a hold of the 6700 OS.  The
technology there is interesting and unusual.

Someday I hope to recover my copy of Algol for the PDP-11, which was
derived from Burroughs Algol.  That software actually is readily
available in the DECUS collection, except that the sources were not
provided.  I have them somewhere; the problem is to find the tape...


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