Hero-Jr Parts Needed --> deep pocketed Apple buyer

Phil Guerney guerney at bigpond.com
Thu Sep 22 06:26:02 CDT 2005

Sellam said
> some guy is buying up stuff at stupid prices.  Item #5242546074 is a 
> relatively
> common hard drive interface for the Apple ][.  He paid $77.

I was curious enough to see what else this person has bought:
in just ONE week!
    - an Apple coffee mug                for $67
    - a Lisa mouse prototype          for $400
    - an Apple III+ NIB                 for $790
    - a NEXT daydream system      for $399
and the piece de resistance
    - a blank Apple keyboard     for GBP200 (about USD360)

Plus 11 other items to come to a total of $2,745 (USD)

Now indeed is the time to put up anything a bit unusual. I bet the seller of 
that unprinted keyboard is pleased!


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