Quest for DEC LPS-40 Documentation

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>Subject: Re: Quest for DEC LPS-40 Documentation
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>I'm not all that interested in the postscript books except it
>would be nice to have a full set of applicable docs.  The
>service repair guide is the main one that I need to locate.  The
>host installation and management guides are probably superseded
>by the newer software provided with the layered products for VMS
>7.x so they aren't quite as important.  The client installation
>and management guides could contain information that is hardware
>specific and would be useful.

I have the red green and blue AW postscript books.  They were 
bought under DEC cost center when I began that project. Still
refer to them.

There were a few of the DOCs on system as help files and readable 
docs in bookreader format.  I'm sure some made it to CD.  Also
the LPS20 used the same host system software package with the 
difference for the load image for the printer.  The LPS40, 20 
and later 32 used a MOP loaded system image for the printer 
which was uVAX based.

>Since I have never had the privilege to install and set up one
>of these printers I would rather have plenty of information.  I
>also don't try to maintain a strict museum quality collection
>but I do like to obtain the applicable documents to go with the
>equipment that I have.

Likely I still remember all of it.  I've trained the FS trainers
and at one time could rip a LPS40 down the bones and reassemble
it.  Still have part of the IGRP and HeNe laser from the print
engine.  My MVII is really an ex MV from an LPS40.

I spent from 1983 to 1990 as part of that project along with LN01S
LA75, LN03 and a few other printing bits.


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