Quest for DEC LPS-40 Documentation

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Sun Sep 25 11:16:54 CDT 2005

Allison wrote:
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> >The one I used and was around most was always spewing paper and
> >I didn't see any signs of trouble.  I seem to remember them
> >having to have tech service come out one time.  It still beats
> >the little junkers all to pieces and it can actually be
> >serviced.  I haven't had much luck from the newer laser or ink
> >jet desk top printers so I have been considering an office type
> >color laser even though they are a little bit expensive.
> I got to monitor the service the performance of all 1500 sold.  Most
> were used at the 200,000 page per month and higher level and FS
> weren't making money off them.  A few machines set records at over
> 800,000 pages a month and FS were visiting them every two weeks
> for major work.  It's true it was much better than the little
> ones but when that thing hit around 2 million pages it really
> wanted a lot of work.  At the other extreme it tended to perform
> poorly if it didn't run regular and the running joke was 45days
> or 150k page whichever came first.  The problem being simple,
> it was fast was not enough as people wanted/expected print volume
> to replace Xerox9700s, the other extreme wanted only a few pages
> but 11x17 printing was appealing.

I may be in real trouble volume wise then. :-)   What kind of
service was required on the 45 day schedule?  That still equals
or beats the modern desk top things after they have been in
service a short time though.

> The uVAX however, check the fans and keeps on truckin.  A DELQA
> gives better service but many had DEQNAs that works just fine.
> >It has been in a office environment instead of a warehouse so it
> >shouldn't be too bad.  There was a roof leak close by at one
> >time but I see no effects of moisture.  I will keep my fingers
> >crossed, rub on my lucky buckeye and hope for the best.
> That will help.
> Allison

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