Misc Apple Drive Sleds- free for shipping.

Scott Stevens chenmel at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 25 13:55:53 CDT 2005

It's cleaning-up weekend here.

I have a medium-sized box of Apple drive sleds to give away.  These are
the slide-in plastic parts under the drive, that I've salvaved over the
years.  I'm not doing much anymore with 'beige box' Macintoshes but
thought maybe somebody else could put them to use.  There are 3-1/2" and
5-1/4" (CDROM) sleds included, from a variety of Macs.  Mostly
7200/7300/7500 desktop cases.

They're in a USPS Priority Mail shipping box right now and anybody who
wants them can have them for the cost of Priority Mail (so I don't have
to rebox them) shipping from zipcode 46131.  The box weighs aprox. 8.5

As always, first serious respondent gets them.


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