seeking connection cable for RK07 drive

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Sep 26 17:58:18 CDT 2005

>   Hi all,
> I finally got to set up my PDP-11/34C with TU80 and two RK07 drives.
> Given the space in my "museum", the RK07 drives are not immediately
> next to the 11/34 rack.  I am looking for an RK07 cable, part number
> 70-12292-25 or 70-12292-40 (25 or 40 foot length).
> The cable *looks* like the RL01/RL02 cable, but is not identical !
> You can use the RK06/RK07 cable with RL01/RL02 drives, but not the
> other way around, because the RK06/RK07 cable has a few extra pins
> actually connected (which the RL drives does not need).
> That's what I've heard long ago ...

That is correct. The RK06/07 cable has, IIRC, all 40 pins wired (maybe 
one is left black that would be used for termination power). The RL cable 
has about 26 pins wired.

The terminators, BTW, are the same.

DEC would not aprove of this, but I have a DW11-B (Unibus-Qbus 
translator) in my 11/45, with the Q-bus end in a MINC chassis (to get the 
nice MINC modules, and an IBV11 GPIB interfave, on a Unibus machine). The 
official ink between the 2 halves of the DW11-B is a pair of 40 way 
ribbon cables. In my machine, the cables go from the Unibus board to a 
couple of RK07-like bulkhead connectors, then through a couple of RK07 
cables to the MINC rack where they go onto a couple more bulkhead 
connectors, back to 40 way ribbon cable, then into the other half of the 
DW11-B. Works fine...


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