PalmOS no more? :(

Mike Maginnis mmaginnis at
Tue Sep 27 14:19:36 CDT 2005

On 9/27/05, Computer Collector Newsletter <news at> wrote:
> I guess the original Pilot is becoming increasingly vintage.   :)
> Hopefully my Treo 650 won't be!  Palm's CEO insists the Windows version is
> additive to, not replacing, their current platform.  I sincerely hope he
> means that -- but I'm skeptical.
> LOL, but if people starting tossing around their PalmOS devices as
> "collectible", then maybe I'll benefit from the newfound interest in vintage
> handhelds.  (Shamless self-promotion:
> - Evan "Oh how Newton fans hate me" Koblentz

I saw no mention of Palm's PDA line (Tungsten, Lifedrive, etc). 
Judging from Palm's reasons given in the article, they wanted Wince's
improved voice and call management features.  I doubt very seriously
that Wince will be "appearing on a Lifedrive near you."

- Mike

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