identifying PC Simms

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Fri Sep 30 09:24:05 CDT 2005

Jeff Walther wrote:
> The real trick is figureing out the capacity of the chips from the 
> markings on them.  Google searches sometimes help, but often (almost 
> always) just lead you to chip distributers spamming the search engine 
> space with part numbers to lead part searches to their sites.  They 
> often don't even have the chip in question, and rarely have any useful 
> information available on their website.

Usenet archives tend to be better when finding out memory chip 
capacities IME - luckily the spammers only seem to concentrate on the 
web side of things.

> I beliee that most PCs could make use of the added parity bit, while 
 > Macs didn't care if it was present.

(ignoring attributions here I know)

Isn't that the other way around? Nearly all PCs I've come across don't 
care about parity, but the rest of the world always seemed to make use 
of it.



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