External enclosure for 5-1/4 drive...

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sat Apr 8 18:58:29 CDT 2006

> I've had SCSI <-> ST506/412.
> Do you know a source for a SCSI <-> SA400/800 ?

Some varients of the Omti 5000 boards had a floppy controller. There was 
one that was SCSI to ST412 _and_ floppy, one that also had a QIC02 interface.

These boards were used in the PERQ 3a (AGW3300), and in Torch XXX/Quad-X 
machines with ST412 hard drives. Torch workstations with SCSI hard drives 
had a thing called a Manta board. This was a SCSI-floppy controller. 
Don't ask me where to find a spare one, though.


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