P?S/8 (was 4k/8k PDP-8 OSes)

Gordon JC Pearce gordonjcp at gjcp.net
Wed Apr 5 15:40:26 CDT 2006

Al Kossow wrote:
> There is a history of Lasner's P?S/8 up at
> http://www.idkcomp.com/p?s.html
> What I was wondering is if P?S/8 is available anywhere..

You probably want to rename that so it doesn't have a question mark in 
the filename - that normally denotes GET parameters to be passed to a 
CGI script and in this case makes your server send the document as 

I've taken the liberty of renaming it and putting it here: 
It is verbatim.  If you'd rather I didn't, I'll remove it.


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