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Fri Apr 7 16:29:36 CDT 2006

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    "Jay West" <jwest at>  writes:

> There is a PC box running unix with the hercules emulator on it.

What's the "hercules emulator"?  Is this emulating a Hercules graphics
card?  (Doubtful, but I thought I'd ask!)

> [...] Of course, it's just not the same unless you're 
> running a real IBM 3270 style terminal... so... the PC also has a token ring 
> card that is connected to a 8223 MAU via type 1 cables.

Speaking of 3270 style terminals, I picked up a 3180 terminal.  I like
the spring-loaded rising pedestal on it!  However, I see that it
doesn't talk normal RS-232 like most terminals, it has a coax style
connector on the back.

Does this mean I need to get a token ring setup as you describe above
in order to get it to talk?

If yes, what would I need to get?  Assume I know nothing... because
that's accurate :).
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