HP TSB cards?

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Thu Apr 13 11:48:04 CDT 2006

Tim wrote...
> Does anyone have cards that were used for HP TSB? I found an old
> printout of my text based 3D D&D program (circa 1980) that I'll be
> re-entering, but I've not found any of my old cards.
> The HP card reader (HP 2761A) would read both punched cards and penciled
> cards. We did not have a punch, so everything was done with a number 2
> pencil. Our High School also used the HP-2114B system to grade tests
> taken on these cards.

Sure yo got the card reader number right? I have a 7261A that I adore :) 
Optical Mark Reader - it does two different column counts, but I don't think 
it did punch cards - I could be wrong. I also have one case of the cards 
that go with it. They are prescreened on the card for TSB program entry. 
However, I am loathe to give up many of the cards as I only have the one 
case. How many do you need?


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