IRIX 5.3 system: any access?

Ryan Blair blairrya at
Fri Apr 14 16:22:29 CDT 2006

On Fri, 14 Apr 2006 14:11:15 -0700
jim stephens <jwstephens at> wrote:

> do you mount cdroms on linux, or remove hard drives from an sgi
> system, move them to
> linux for the netinstall?  If you store the data from some source and 
> serve it up over the
> network from a linux system, then it is stored on the linux system
> with a linux supported
> file type.

I can mount the CDROMs, images of the CDROMs, hard drives ... whatever.
As far as netinstall goes, I either loop-mount the CD images and
NFS-export them, or I mount and copy everything off of them and export
that. I suppose if I had all the install stuff on an EFS-formatted
disk, it wouldn't be much trouble to pull it out of an SGI and mount it.

> if you do what I mentioned above, pull a formated drive from an SGI 
> system and put it on
> a linux system which is on a PC, then there will have to be some 
> allowance made for the
> fact that there is no PC partition table, but just the raw file
> system starting at block 0.

Well, Linux also has support for SGI partition tables ... or, you could
toss the mount option seek=x blocks if you know where the partition
you're looking for starts (and you don't have SGI partition table
support compiled into your kernel). This works fine with both CDs and

> whatever is on a cdrom usually requires a different file system
> driver than would be used to
> access the file system on a hard drive device, or a layer that deals 
> with partitions, etc
> which a different for a cdrom than for a hard disk block device.  
> similar goes on with
> accessing usb sticks as block devices.

Um ... no? Block device is a block device is a block device. If it's
EFS-formatted, it doesn't make much difference to the Linux EFS support.
Not that I've ever heard of EFS on a USB stick ...


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