ADDS Mentor 2000 - A little more success/info

jim stephens jwstephens at
Sat Apr 15 12:28:14 CDT 2006

Dave Dunfield wrote:

>Hi Guys,
On this variety of Pick, which was most compatable with the Microdata 
version, and Picks own R83, there are what are system privilege levels

SYS0, SYS1 are user account levels, and cannot access system commands,
or edit the SYSTEM account dictionary, which contains the account 

SYS2 allows you to edit the system dictionary, and therefore change the
system account privileges.  This is what you need to find access to to
change the passwords, which are also there.

The restart of the account at login state is what you are seeing when you
type end at the ! (bang) sign, which is the debugger.  SYS2 is also required
to do anything but G (go) or END (return to tcl, or restart at login), 
or OFF
(logoff) at this debugger. 

this pick systems file system is what you could call two level.  the system
has one "system" dictionary, which is a databas file with account definition
pointers, which point to dictionarys, which define the accounts.  The
accounts contain pointers to more data sets, which are the file definitions.

this is the only number of heirachies in Pick of this variety.  So your
objective is to get into and modify the system dictionary and its control
info without messing up your system completely.  The game you have
to play is to find the places where you can get into the debugger and
carefully  modify these items, since there are not usually any convenient
places where you can do it with the normal editor.

Having a list of the SYSPROG passwords from the original owner
would be really plus.  Also a sysgen tape would be very good if
you mess the system up.  These are going to be pretty rare, and
most people who would have these systems now would not be able
to copy it for you.  That was not a thing most ordinary pick sites
could do.


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