Back up 9 Track to CD

Steve Robertson steerex at
Sun Apr 16 07:57:34 CDT 2006

Hey guys,

I've got a bunch of old 9 track tapes, including bootable tapes for a variety of systems, that I'd like to "backup". The tapes vary from MPE install, HPUX install, and misc DATA tapes (multiple formats). Some of the tapes are pretty old and I really need to archive them. I think CD's are gonna be around for a while so, that seems to be the most reasonable medium.

I know, I know... CD's don't last forever. That's a different topic and not something I can worry about right now.

I've also got a pile of spare 9GB HD's. I suppose I could dump the images there as well. With multiple copy's on CD and on HD's. The data should be safe.
There is a 9 track attached to my HPUX 10.20 box so, reading and writing the tapes is no problem. The HPUX box does not have a CD burner directly attached although, I can FTP files to a WINDOWS box and burn CD's there.

So the question is:

Can I just DD the tapes to a file and stick the file on CD/HD then recreate the tape from the CD when needed?

NOTE: Some of the tapes span multiple volumes. Is this gonna be a problem.



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