How much to charge for classic computer rental

jim stephens jwstephens at
Tue Apr 18 14:20:09 CDT 2006

Paxton Hoag wrote:

>This is about standard movie rates if they are not going to be
>physically using the computer but using it for display purposes. If
>they are going to be operating the machine I would ask double that, if
>not more.
>Also consider what happens if they damage it. We rented a big copier
>to a movie once and they dropped it off the forklift. Their insurance
>paid and we did OK but it is something to consider.
consider if it is involved in a lawsuit whether the opposing party will 
have access to
the unit, and what that will be as well.  I would make sure you are held 
from any damages to the value of the property (use those words) and 
state what
that value is, so you can get the same shiny item to replace it (if it 
exists) or
reasonable compensation if it is harmed.  and state who determines it is 

a scratch to a panel may reduce the value or it may not, etc.


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