HP 1000 cmoputer (parts maybe)

jim stephens jwstephens at msm.umr.edu
Wed Apr 19 01:42:32 CDT 2006

I finally got a few photos of the HP 1000 that I bought a couple of 
months ago.

any opinions on what I have, and what steps should be taken before trying
to do anything with it?

It appeared to have had a Tandberg tape drive attached at some time.

the cables connected to the back of each card have all been cut by the
scrapper that had it before I did.

There sounds to be at least one small part (screw, nut, broken plastic)
rattling around inside the front area, so it will have to be opened no
matter what.

There was an empty slot a the top of this, so I may be out anything useful,
it may be a junk spare cage with a bunch of I/O if I had to guess.  At least
I didn't out a lot for it.  I have to admit I was seduced by the switches
and lights that appeared to be on the front panel, and an obvious need to
fill some space in my pile with something. 

It appears to have a battery pack that was the rear panel.  Due to the
construction, I wonder if it was added by a system integrator. 



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