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On Tuesday 18 April 2006 22:08, you wrote:

> It has been many months since you promised to release the TSX archives. How
> about sending or putting online for download exactly what you received?
> Isn't that what you told the author at S&H what you were going to do?

The source listings are already up on bitsavers - and one of my DCL (DEC 
Computer Lunch) buddies here in SV has written a special OCR program that is 
scanning the listings to re-create the original MACRO sources of TSX. So 
there's plenty going on (no commitments on that totally happening, timing, 

> This is ridiculous. Should I approach S&H myself, on behalf of all of the
> other interested parties?

"Ridiculous" is in the mind of the beholder. Yes, I could have taken the time 
to put up the TSX website as opposed to obtaining every RL02 pack and SMD 
drive I could from S&H, preserving the contents, etc. But I figured that 
"exercise", which took weeks of my time was more important than "releasing" 
TSX code.

I'm required under my agreement with S&H to have a website where I can "log" 
and "verify" to a reasonable extent that only hobbiests will be downloading 
the system, etc.

I am committed to getting TSX into the hands of the "folks" - but I estimate 
that it will take a week or so of my time - contiguous - to do it. That 
hasn't happened yet - but I promise it will.

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