earliest graphics display system in your collection?

John A. Dundas III dundas at caltech.edu
Wed Apr 19 11:29:32 CDT 2006

At 8:45 AM -0700 4/19/06, Doug Salot wrote:
>On Tue, 18 Apr 2006, Richard wrote:
>>  My timeline goes like this, based on year introduced:
>>      196?: Evans & Sutherland PS-300 terminal
>The PS-300 was introduced in 1979, I believe.  Definitely not the 1960's.

I can confirm that we (JPL Computer Graphics Lab) used a PS-2 in mid 
'70s to mid '80s time frame.  Doug's recollection feels about right 
to me, though I don't have documentation to support it.


Just for fun, here's a link to a scan of a proof picture of our lab 
at the time.  From left to right: Sylvie Rueff, Jim Blinn (yes, that 
one) Jeff Goldsmith, me (much younger then).  Behind Sylvie is our 
slide and Polaroid printer, Jim is pointing at the frame buffer 
(probably a Ramtek or similar) display, a Teleray T1051 terminal can 
be seen behind him, as well as the keyboard and knobs and switches 
for the PS-2, the PS-2 and it's monitor are behind the glass in the 
machine room behind us.


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