earliest graphics display system in your collection?

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Wed Apr 19 16:25:50 CDT 2006

> OK, what's the earliest graphics display system held by any of you
> collectors?
> "graphics display system" is anything that creates a graphics image
> with a display: calligraphic, storage tube, plasma, raster, etc.
> Block character graphics don't count (or I would include my Commodore
> CBM 8032 and all the stupid terminals :).
> My timeline goes like this, based on year introduced:
>     196?: Evans & Sutherland PS-300 terminal

Are you sure it's as early as that? I thought it had ICs in it that would 
date it to the early 70's. My PS/390 is, of course, a lot later.

>     197?: Tektronix 4010 terminal
>     1974: Tektronix 4014 terminal
>     1977: Hewlett-Packard 2648A terminal
> 	  Hewlett-Packard 1350A graphics translator
>     1979: Atari 800 microcomputer
>     1981: IBM PC CGA microcomputer
>     1983: Televideo TS-803 microcomputer
>     1984: Megatek Whizzard 1645 terminal
> 	  Diser Eve workstation
>     1984?: Tektronix 4105 terminal
>     1985: Sun 3/110 workstation
>     1986: Hewlett-Packard 2397A terminal
>     1988: NCD 14p X terminal
>     1989: Evans & Sutherland ESV workstation
>     1991: Evans & Sutherland Freedom accelerator
>     1993: SGI Indigo^2 workstation
>     []? - I don't know for certain, can you fill in the year?

I am not sure of the years for a lot of my machines, but here are a few 
ones you don't have ....

      PERQ 1 workstation
      PERQ 2T1 workstation
      PERQ 2T4 (not a typo) workstation
      PERQ AGW3300 workstation
      AMT DAP 610 (I think, anyway, it's got a video output :-)      
      I2S Model 70/E image processor/display
      I2S Model 70/F4 image processor/display
      I2S Model 75 image processor/display
      PPL video winchester disk + unibus interface
      Grinnell framestore for PDP11
      Vectrex video game system (am I allowed to include that?)
      DEC GT40 vector terminal
      Victor 9000
      Xerox Daybreak
      BBC Micro (:-)), ACW
      Torch XXX

Do you include the 'waveform display' DEC terminals that could display 
only 2 points in each vertical column (and were thus designed for 
displaying mathematical funcitons or waveforms)? I have a VT55 and VT105 

You know, for all I have all those graphics systems, I still only have an 
MDA text display on this PC...


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