HP 1000 cmoputer (parts maybe)

jim stephens jwstephens at msm.umr.edu
Wed Apr 19 12:54:45 CDT 2006

Jay West wrote:

> Jim wrote...
> <snip>
>> It appeared to have had a Tandberg tape drive attached at some time.
> In all my years of focusing on HP 2100/21MX M-E-F boxes, I've only 
> come across ONE of those tandberg tape interfaces. I'd love to know 
> what drive they went to - I believe the tandberg interface was 3rd 
> party. I would imagine (given "Tandberg") that we're talking QIC-525 
> or something like that? I have no clue, as I said I've only seen one 
> interface. I stuck in on the shelf in case I ever found said drive :)

the only nice thing is that they didn't chop the tape cable, though it 
has a really exotic Mil twist lock on
the end of it.  Fits the theory that this was a mil pull.

This came from a Tucson scrapper, which probably suggests it is a pull 
from a test system that
was struck by AMARC, or other entity there.

I'll get a better scan of the Tandberg controller and see what I can see 
on the connector.  Qic interface
fits quite well, though they did make a 1/2 inch drive before that.  
Their stuff and Fujitsu, I expect will
just work forever, it is so well made, if the smog monsters don't eat 
the rubber parts.  Wish I had
known about the tape drive, I could have looked at the guy's auctions 
and at least been able to ID it,
but I have had this long enough there won't be any way to go back and 
look now.


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