earliest graphics display system in your collection?

John Allain allain at panix.com
Thu Apr 20 13:11:34 CDT 2006

>> No, there wasn't graphics in APL, but there were the so called Print/Plot
>> routines for both BASIC and APL that allowed to plot graphs and text on
>> the 5103 printer. I have the software and manuals somewhere.

> So did it have graphical display capability or not?  I thought that
> the IBM PC line didn't get graphics capability until the CGA card came
> out.

5100 isn't really PC line.
I spent hours in the manuals back 35 years ago to reach the conclusion that
some kind of subcharacter plotting was available in 5100 APL.  Now I have
neither the manuals nor the machine so I can't prove anything.  It's
possible that an 'Advanced 5100 BASIC' manual told of some kind of dot
matrix printing too, and that manual just wasn't in that lab with the

John A.

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