DECserver 200MC circuit diagram

Jim Beacon jim at
Fri Apr 21 14:12:25 CDT 2006

Hi Tony,

thanks for your previous reply.

I've sort of fixed it.......

The power supply is repaired (two new input side smoothing caps,and one
diode). It is of a strange hybrid design, with a chopper on the primary side
of a transformer, but no obvious feedback for regulation, then on the
secondary side, a second SM unit for the 5V line, and two 78xx type
regulators for the 12V rails.

Th remaining fault is within the soldered up filter / overload trip /
voltage selector unit, which has an open circuit live line. It seems to be
special to the Decserver (I had a spare from a scrap DELNI, but it is
subtley different), so I'll have to wait for another to show up.

Once again, thanks for your help


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