VAX ADVENTURE, was Re: RL02 problem

Doc Shipley doc at
Mon Apr 24 07:54:41 CDT 2006

Gooijen, Henk wrote:
> Ohh boy, if I can not use the HSC70, even if the CI board L0009
> is installed in the VAX without the CI750 (which is a complete
> cabinets in its own), I think I will try to sell the HSC70 to get
> some money back spent on the transportation on the system ...
> I really don't have the space for yet an other cabinet :-(
> I downloaded DUNGEON, but I mean Zork. Are those two (almost)
> identical?  I never saw Zork, just read about it in an article.
> I will check out DUNGEON and ADVENT in RT-11 is a couple of
> weeks. I will also take the time to read through the updated
> manual (I know, ... I have it on a stack "todo" things).

   I don't know if it is the DUNGEON you have, but the following sort of 
implies that Zork and DUNGEON are the same game. It's the READ_ME file 
from the 2.11BSD Zork "source" directory:

This is a patched up RT-11 binary which ran on an LSI-11.
This program was originally distributed on a Purdue mailing and
was full of bugs.  Many bugs in that distribution have been fixed.
This is not a pristine, elegent implemention but it works!

DUNGEON expects following files:

/usr/chris/dungeon/zork		UNIX a.out file for Dungeon root
				segment and RT-11 Fortran Runtime
/usr/chris/dungeon/dtext.dat	Text file in random access-format
/usr/chris/dungeon/dindex.dat	Indicies (probably into dtext.dat)
/usr/chris/dungeon/doverlay	Original RT-11 DUNGEO.SAV
				(reads overlays from here)

If you don't like these pathnames, "dungeon.c" may be modified to
reflect the desired names.  Pathnames were originally in "o.s" but
"dungeon.c" was implemented at Purdue as an easier way to change them
than patching binaries.  However, we have standardized the d/o.s
interface.  It now would be an simple task to put pathnames in o.s
if one so desired.

Other files of interest:

dungeon.c       C program with date and UID check and exec of dungeon.

o.s             Assembler driver to make dungeon run under UNIX.
		Loads overlays, save/restore games, etc.  This must
		be relocated to 0146000 and stuck on the end of the
		dungeon binary file "d". (We don't have sources)

p1              sh file to patch up a.out file "dung" so interface
		between "d" and "o.s" works.

1.s             kludge file to achive . = .+ 0146000

mkovl           sh file to make overlay driver, attach it to "d",
		and make a UNIX a.out file by attaching the
		proper header.


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