Zemu, was VAX ADVENTURE, was Re: RL02 problem

Gooijen, Henk henk.gooijen at oce.com
Tue Apr 25 03:27:55 CDT 2006

I used SIMH 3.52 (current) with RT11 from the SIMH distribution.
The boot from RL gives the id-line "RT-11XM (S) V05.03"
I *had* on my disk a version of Zemu which was zipped 340k
and the ZEMU.DOC file had a date (in the text) of 2001.
I say "had", because I downloaded a newer version. This zip file
is 350k and the text in the .DOC file says 2003.  I got it from <>   but that links to
ftp://ftp.update.uu.se/pub/pdp11/zemu.tar <ftp://ftp.update.uu.se/pub/pdp11/zemu.tar>  Which is (I believe)
the site of Johnny, the writer/maintainer of Zemu.
If I can not build Zemu (in RT11) because my version is too old,
can somebody build Zemu for me?  Just Zemu.SAV is enough
(I assume). If you have the files from the .tar you can use PUTR
to get it into the RT11 environment, and then do .IND ZEMU.CMD
[ hush-hush: I newer version of RT11 would do too :-) ]
- Henk, PA8PDP.


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Onderwerp: Re: Zemu, was VAX ADVENTURE, was Re: RL02 problem

> I tried the latest Zemu (2003) to compile under RT11XM.
> I don't know how to capture the command file result output in the CMD box,
> except by making a screen shot, converting it to .gif, but I can not send
> that to the CC list ...
> I get 3 errors from ZIO and 19 errors from ZMEM.
> They all seem to have a problem with an operand field construction #^X82,R1
> or #^0E,-(SP).   And in ZRT I get a .LIBRARY /SY:SYSTEM.MLB/ file error.
> I seem to remember that these were exactly the problems I had back then.
> It loks I am still stuck ...

What version of RT-11 are you trying to build it on?  The error in ZRT seems
to indicate you're building it on to old of a version.

Where can the latest Zemu source be found?


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