Any existing Intel iAPX 432's? (was: Boast of the day)

J. Peterson pdp11 at
Tue Apr 25 12:24:44 CDT 2006


>While rummaging around a secret scrapyard, Dan Cohoe and I dug up the
>remains of an Intel 432/600 micromainframe, based on the ill fated 432

This leads to the question: Are the any operable i432 systems still in 
existence?  If so it seems like it'd be incredibly rare.  Eric Raymond has 
documentation and a few parts, but not a complete system:

The only ones I've ever heard of are Intel's development systems, and I 
think most of these were "loaned" rather than purchased.  I suspect Intel 
recalled these when the magnitude of the flop was discovered and destroyed 
them (just speculation).

The nail in the coffin seems to be the paper that came out of Patterson's 
Berkeley lab in '82, demonstrating that it was 10x slower than the 68K


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